Human Resources


This is a compact and comprehensive program introducing the Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (HRM). It provides a broad understanding of the HRM Function in an organization and how each component of the Function is managed and organized to provide an overall effective management of human resources. Non-human resource managers will find this program very beneficial in enhancing their understanding and effectiveness in working with human resource practitioners.


At the end of this program, the participants should be able to:

  1. Establishing an understanding of the Human Resource Department’s role within the organization’s mission

  2. Ensuring that managers understand and accept the role as “Implementers” as part of their Human Resource function

  3. Defining the overall framework of policies established by H.R. Department

  4. Providing Managers with the tools and support from the Human Resource Department to function as real leaders

  1. Human Resources Management

  2. Industrial Relation

  3. HR capital Development

  4. Training need analysis

  5. ...
  6. Interview Skills trainings

  7. Recruitment Training

  8. Employee Management

  9. Performance Management

  10. Employee Retention

  11. Talent Management

  12. Training Development


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